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Well, Hello there…it’s so nice of you to drop by and give my blog a read, I do hope you decide to stay. My name is Tharreshnee, born and raised on the beautiful sunny east coast of South Africa. I’m a short person, just reaching 1.52m, with a huge love for bellydance.I have very big dreams and goals that I wish to achieve and although my day job does take up a chunk of my time, I do believe that with the right organization and planning and sacrificing I will be able to achieve whatever I desire. That being said…a side note here, is that I am the most unorganized person I know! However on a more positive stance, I am getting better every day with this vice.

We all have big dreams in life but most people never push themselves to achieve more. We dream of a better life but just remain in our comfort zone because moving out of there is just so scary. I started Inspire you as a lifestyle blog that I hope will serve to motivate you to dream bigger dreams, set goals and go after them with a passion.

With that being said, a healthy mind does reside in a healthy body and it’s just as important to ensure that you’re keeping fit and putting the right food in your body. You will find regular posts from me as I head forwards with my bid to conquer the battle of the bulge, get fit and maintain it. You can read my weight loss journey post here

Recently, I have been taking a greater interest in what I use on my skin. Are products cruelty free, do they contain parabens, etc. I will only put up reviews on products that I have personally tried and you will always get my honest opinion on it. I purchase products with my own money unless otherwise stated.

Another thing you should know about me…I feel wanderlust. This stems from my childhood family vacations and although it has thinned over the years, I have finally committed to work on traveling more, experiencing more of what life has to offer and occasionally enjoying some (hair-raising) adventures

Happy reading. Follow me on social media, drop me an email,lets keep in touch

Love T


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  1. Feroz Mahomed

    Hi T. Stumbled on this via linkedin did not even know I had access to linkedin. Anyways did read some of your blog and I just wanted to say I am very proud of you for doing a blog it takes heart courage and a lot of sacrifice to put up honest insightful info of your day to day life as well as experiences and you have it going on girl. Just wanted to formally wish you well Congrats as you know I always have your best interests at heart but I thought I would take 5 minutes to say it in black and white.

    Lots of well wishes and keep going strong.
    Warm Regards Fee.

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