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Welcome to another write-up on our Bosslife Series. Today we’re talking beauty. In the past year, I have taken more interest in the type of products that I use on my skin, not only trying to choose cruelty free products but also ones that are free from harmful chemicals. I came across a fixing spray by the name of Me & Youth (previously known as Beauty Fix) which is a locally made product. I purchased one last year and was so impressed with it. Its a 3 in 1 mist, so you can use it before you apply your makeup, after you apply foundation and you can use it throughout the day as refresher. Talk about value for money! Its all natural and smells o so good and gives you such a beautiful dewy glow. I got in touch with one of the founders to learn more on this fabulous product. Check it out below!


1. Who is/are the founders of Me & Youth? 

Beauty Fix was founded by Danielle van Rooyen and me, Ursula Uys in 2014. My sister, Olivia Uys became a director of Me&Youth in 2016.

2. How did the idea of Me&Youth come about and was it difficult getting your product into the market?

We identified a gap in the market where the facial mists were packed with harmful chemicals and we wanted to create a fabulous alternative with rosewater, cucumber extract and aloe vera extract as its key ingredients. It has always been our vision to target salons and exclusive shops who have in-depth product knowledge and provide excellent customer. We’ve been very fortunate to find likeminded salons and boutiques to retail our product since we launched in May 2014. 

3. You changed your name because you had an opportunity in the US, tell us more about this?

We got this ah-mazing opportunity to get into retail outlets in the ‘States, only to discover that Beauty Fix was already trademarked, we were devastated! On the bright side, we’re now little know-it-alls on international trademark laws. 

4. You have been around for over two years now, what challenges have you faced and how have you overcome this?

The trademark setback we experienced with Beauty Fix in the U.S. was by far the biggest challenge we’ve had to face to date. We’ve had a few smaller hurdles that are too technical and boring to try and explain. The best way to overcome these challenges is always remain positive and not allow them to get you down. 

5. Can we expect more products from Me&Youth in the future?

We’re hoping to launch a luxurious lip treatment by March 2017.

6. What would you say are the most memorable achievements thus far in your journey? 

We were invited to be sponsor of the South African Music Awards in 2016, that was a really big honour for us. Other highlights include features in Marie Claire, Destiny, Cosmopolitan, Fairlady, Gazia and Glamour.

7. What advice/tips would you give anyone looking to start their own business in this industry?

If you are not a chemist you need to ensure you outsource your product formulations to the correct company or chemist. You also need to ensure that your manufacturer follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), this is very important because the South African cosmetic industry is not currently regulated. You need to understand what these GMPs entail and ensure that your manufacturer enforces them.

The Me & Youth Spray can be purchased online for only R250 and delivery is Free!

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