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Yoh, Yoh, Yoh. As I sit here typing out this post, all I can say is “Shew! I’m exhausted. It really has been an exhausting start to the week, both mentally and physically. Christmas is around the corner and it’s a mad rush to finish up work before sliding into holiday mode.I was very tempted to leave this post for another day but if I do, I would probably never get around to it. So as previously mentioned (many moons ago) the Sexy me Series is back. Yay…for healthy living. Now that my little toe has healed and I’m back in action, it’s back to my happy place….Gym 🙂 However, I am going to say that my little injury has definitely helped me put my life in perspective. More on this in a later post. For today, we’re going to be chatting about packing an awesome gym bag. Enjoy 🙂


  • Gym towel: It’s so important to carry a gym towel, all that perspiration drooling over your exercise equipment is not cool. I love the maxed towels from MRP sport that have a zipper. Its handy to pop your keys, cell and even some change for a smoothie afterwards. You can find them here.


  • Water Bottle: With all the sweating, you will be losing tons of water and it’s imperative that you stay hydrated. I always have my whey protein after a workout, so I bought this cool bottle from dischem. There’s 2 compartments, the one right at the bottom is for your protein powder and the one above that is for a few pieces of fruit or perhaps some nuts.


  • Lock: I love the combination locks. You don’t ever have to worry about losing your locker key.


  • Hair Accessories: I always make sure there’s a head band, some bobby pins and a hair tie or two in my gym bag. I have really long hair and it has to be tied up and away from my face.


  • Gym Kit:
  1. Sports Bra
  2. Workout Top
  3. Workout tights
  4. Socks
  5.  Trainers: I recently picked up a pair of Nikes and it was the best decision I made. The nike airs 5.0 came at a stiff price of R1399.99. However, they were definitely worth it.  
  • Toiletries:
  1.  Facial Wipes: These are a must, if you’re going to gym after work, you must remove all traces of makeup before you hit your workout. I’ve constantly found girls at gym with heavy makeup plastered on their face. Your pores are getting blocked my dears, which results in breakouts.
  2. Underarm Roll-on: For obvious reasons
  3. Deodorant: For after my workout. After a heavy workout, even us ladies tend to stink a tad. I generally go straight home after a workout but sometimes I stop at the shops for groceries, so definitely need a spray to smell pretty.
  4. Hoodie: I always throw a hoodie over after my gym workout, especially if I’m going to the shops after.


The contents listed above are for gym sessions after work. Although on the odd occasions, I do take in an evening session, I really do try for am workouts now. The only difference from the above would be extra toiletries ie. Shampoo, body wash etc, a set of fresh towels and of course a change of clothing.

What goodies do you pack in your gym bag. I would love to know. 🙂

Till next time Have an awesome workout (and don’t forget your gym card).

Here’s to a happy and healthy body.




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  1. Awesome post indeed. I tore my left achilles the beginning of this year in a boxing class! The doctor put me off from all training for- 4 months. Great tips for my gym bag going forward. I love the gym towel from Mr Price sports. Going to do some online shopping now 🙂

    1. Aaah my friend, that must have been so hard for you. When I hurt my toe, I was only off gym for 2 weeks and I didn’t know what to do with myself. Glad your’re back on track now. And thank you always for your love.

  2. blimey!!!! wth! 1399 for shoes! you must be cray cray hahaha i mean i’ve spent way more on stuff i like like my games or consoles or hardrives but i do get that havin the right shoes for gyming is essential, especially for jogging. if your feet arent properly supported it screws everything else up
    Water bottles are soooo important.

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