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I love supporting small businesses in South Africa, not just because I am one too, but more so because I also truly understand the time, effort, dedication and love that goes into taking an idea and a dream and turning it into reality. That takes courage! Thereafter, trying to sustain that business and fighting for market share in this economy takes even more courage, blood, sweat and tears. (and capital) Trust me, I know. So if you’re a small business, start-up or young entrepreneur, just take a minute, to give yourself a pat on the back. You’re truly awesome!

As you all know, I love stationary. Yes, it’s my guilty pleasure. I have tons of pretty notebooks, which I might add, keep me pretty organised 🙂  Today, I’m going to introduce to you an essential travel accessory, The Melissa Kate Travel Journal. Hmmm…Is that name sounding familiar….yep, this well known South African Writer has launched her own stationary line and  first on her list, are these gorgeous Travel journals, designed and collated by her.



This journal doesn’t only provide you with space to jot down the highlights of your travels, but it is the ultimate organisation tool.  I love going on vacation, but I’ve always felt a tad disorganised and I almost always forget something. But now, with this trendy journal, the frantic, hair pulling, nail biting what did I forget girl, is replaced with a calm put together woman who has her admin in check!. Heres a quick overview of what you can find inside

  • Travel Budget Planner – The accountant in me loves this. When traveling, it’s so important to make your money work for you, especially if you have the weaker currency. There’s always so much to think about, but this budget planner lists everything from transport, entertainment, meals and accommodation. A great way to keep your budget under control.



  • Flight Itinerary – There’s place for up to ten flights which is more then enough even with all those tiresome connecting flights


  • Carry-On Checklist – A great list for all the things you will need on board your flight


  • Packing Checklist – The lazy in me is jumping up and down here. All items are listed, so all you need do, is simply tick off while packing. I think this checklist has almost everything you will need but if for some reason, it doesn’t, there is extra lines for you.


  • Your Adventures – There’s ample space for you to jot down your daily experiences, the food, the weather, there’s even place for pictures.


There’s many other fun stuff in this journal, like the bucket list and the random facts…and, wait for it…the best part, you can use this journal for up to 4 different vacations. This travel journal is a beautiful keepsake, that you can go back to again and again when you wish to be reminded of those beautiful memories.

The normal price of these journals are R300, but Melissa is currently having a special and you can get these beauties at only R250! I kid you not 🙂

 You can drop her a mail to order  melissakatebooks@gmail.com

Would you like to WIN one of these journals!!!!

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Winner will be announced on the 11th December 2016

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