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Choosing to start a side hustle is exhilarating yet scary. I’ve often spoken to some friends, family and work collegues who have said to me, that becoming an entrepreneur is in your blood and therefore not for them. I beg to differ with this point. Becoming an entrepreneur is for absolutely anyone. Anyone who is willing to fight off their fears, work hard and accept that failure and rejection is part of the process. There isn’t such a thing as overnight success.

I have always wanted to start my own business, but to be quite honest, I’ve never really known what to start. I am an accountant by profession, and although I do like what I do, I can’t say I love it or am overly passionate about. Over the years, I’ve played around with ideas (made excuses), started something…closed it (remember that failure thing I was talking about)

Last year I started my blog Inspire you. My reason for starting it was exactly that. I wished to inspire you to take the step to becoming a better you whether you wanted to start a business, get fit and healthy or just take better care of yourself thus gaining more confidence. Starting Inspire you is also a strong motivator for me and has led me to create my online store bearing the same name.  I’m still finding my feet with it, but it has been a beautiful and insightful journey thus far.

I’ve always had a crazy love for pretty stationary. Quite honestly, when my work space is organised and I have pretty stationary surrounding me, I’m much more inclined to get things done. And as you can guess, stationary is one of the first categories in my store. I have lots more ideas, some already in the pipeline, and some still brewing on the left side of my brain, so make sure you’re signed up to my monthly newsletter to keep in the loop.

I can’t even begin to describe my absolute excitement for the pretty stationary items that I’m going to be rolling out in 2017, but for now one of my very first items available is washi tape. Now, I actually have had people ask me what this is and what you do with it. For those (hopefully few) people that have no idea what I’m on about, let me briefly enlighten you.

What is washi tape?

It’s similar to masking tape but is made from Japanese rice paper. And of course, its comes in 100’s of different designs

What can you use it for?

You can use it for crafts, giving your gifts and cards an extra special and different look and also for keeping organised. Yes, my main reason for using these cute tapes is for prettying up my day organiser and calendar. If you’re still abit lost, check out my washi tape idea board

How can you get your hands on these beautiful creations?

Download a price list here, and then drop me a mail with your order. We deliver throughout S.A  and if you’re in Durban, collection can be arranged

And now….its GIVEAWAY TIME! Yay

To mark the start of my brand new adventure, I’m giving away some gorgeous rolls of washi tape as well as a very stylish Melissa Kate Travel Journal.  Total value is over R450!


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