South African Writer Does It Again!

OMG! Did I not just put up a post 2 weeks ago about Melissa Kates 2nd book release and today we are revealing the cover for her 3rd book which will be published early next year! This Bossbabe is on a roll. Well done Mel. Those hours you have been putting in working on your craft is finally paying off 🙂

And without further ado, lets reveal this cover…which in my opinion is by far the best one yet



About the Book: Title: IT HAD TO BE YOU Series: Crystal Valley Series Author: Melissa Kate

Publication Date: 2017

Publisher: Fire Quill Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Romance/humour.


Emma Wyatt has had enough of her ex-best friend and his lady-killer ways. The sweet boy from her youth had been replaced with a serial womaniser.

Oliver didn’t intend to be coupled with Emma, but when it came to Emma Wyatt, he felt the need to be a knight in shining armor.

Now the whole town knows and Emma is livid She wants to wring his neck.

A heated argument incites a fiery moment of passion and the pair finds themselves fighting and unlikely attraction they never saw coming

But a dreadful secret can tear them apart forever.

**You’re itching to get a copy right now, aren’t you…me too!**


About the Author:



Melissa Kate is a self confessed book-a-holic who lives in a small town along the coast in sunny South Africa. She writes contemporary romance with quirky characters and witty banter; a true romantic at heart; she loves the moment of falling in love. Her pet Beagle and maniacal lovebird keep her company while writing and often inspire senseless moments in her stories. When she is not furiously tapping away on her laptop, Melissa can be found getting up to crazy antics with her  husband or scouring online stores for additions to her ever growing stiletto collection. She balances her day job and conjuring up new romantic tales with a local personal blog with arb ramblings about her life in Durban. Perusing all things Chris Hemsworthy also takes up a great deal of her time. A true foodie at heart, nothing makes her day quite like a decadent dessert. CHOCOLATE SOLVES EVERYTHING!!!

If you would like to know more about Mel, you can check out the posts for first and second books

You can also read more on her website

**Now, for all you wanna-be writers out there, here’s a good publishing company to look into. Check out the submission guidelines. You never know, you may be the next writer to hit it big**

About Fire Quill Publishing:

Fire Quill Publishing is located in sunny South Africa. We strive to only publish and distribute pre-eminent novels to our audience, and work to offer superb marketing services to our authors. Each division is run by a team of experts in their respective fields in order to make your experience in the publishing industry as fun and exciting as possible, whilst still offering the highest quality and professionalism.

Fire Quill Publishing operates internationally, and supports international authors. Take a look at our titles and new titles coming soon, and for those that like to read before novels are released, you can grab some of our titles before publication on Netgalley

Our aspiration is to market popular genres such as fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction, in South Africa. However, we are most certainly open to other genres as well. Please visit our Submission Guidelines  for detailed instructions on how to submit your manuscript to Fire Quill Publishing.

That’s all from me guys. Remember to go out there and work hard on your dreams. Melissa Kate is a pure example of a successful boss lady who faced many heart breaking rejection letters, yet continued fighting for her dream and just look at her now, releasing book after book 🙂




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  1. Awh thank you sweetheart. It really is a gorgeous cover hey. I mostly want to eat that cupcake!

    Thank you for the post and hey, you have an ARC so get Reading! Authors love reviews.

    Much love

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