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A few weeks ago, I would definitely have been the last person ever, to be giving tips and advice on how to wake up early. I never considered myself an early riser. And my constant tarndiness to work would bear testament to that.

However, I have always wanted to be an early riser. There’s always so much you can get done in the am. And to be honest, I personally feel that I function at my optimum when I have about 5-6 hours of sleep. If I do have 8 or more, I feel quite tired and lethargic the next day.

So what did I do. Well firstly, you have to make a conscious decision to wake up early. I have lovely bosses who don’t mind if I pitch up late to work. I always meet my deadlines and I work late if need be, so when I’m coming to work 30 – 45 minutes late to work every day, it’s never been an issue for them. However, it’s a been a problem for me. I personally don’t like to come in late, as I feel my day is a constant rush when I do.

So I made a decision to wake up early,work on myself and my goals, and fitness and ultimately get to work on time. I’ve never wanted to be an average person leading an average life and we all know, if you want to be successful, you have to be prepared to do what average people are not willing to do.

This was no easy feat,I tried various different methods and day after day, I would get more and more disappointed with myself, because I just couldn’t wake up early. What we don’t realise though is that waking up early requires a change in mindset. Why did I want to wake up early?  To work on myself, to develop myself, to become a better me and by doing this, it will eventually lead to me fulfilling my goals. When you have a “why”, then the “how” become easier.

Eventually I did start waking up earlier. I do still have my off days where I’m jumping out of bed at 7am, racing to shower and running completely and utterly late to work. But I don’t hate myself for it anymore. It happens, it’s life. It’s not ideal, but hey, shit happens. I’m 80% good now and considering its winter and freezing cold in the am. I would think I’m definitely faring well. Only better things to come. 🙂

I currently wake up at 5am, however, once I start doing that effortlessly, I’m going to start for 4:30am and then 4. I want you to realise, this is something extremely hard for me. I love sleep and my warm bed.


  1. Set your alarm and place it far away from your bed. If it’s too close, it’s easy to switch off or hit snooze.
  2. Once you switch off your alarm, head straight to the bathroom to splash your face with some cold water. That will definitely wake you up. Its abit suicidal doing this on a winters morning and some pretty colourful words escape my lips at that part of the morning, but bottomline, it works!
  3. Don’t be too warm in bed. Now that its practically winter in s.a. it’s so easy just to snuggle up under the duvet and blankets. However, this comfy snuggly feeling makes you creep even further into the warmth when it’s time to wake up. I’m not saying you need to freeze, be comfortable and warm, but don’t overdo it.
  4. Sleep early. I wasn’t too sure whether to put this one in here as this is something I personally don’t do. I battle to sleep before 11pm, even if I’m really tired. So this tip does depend on you. Some people can sleep early and wake up early and some people like me can sleep late, wake up early and function at their best.
  5. Prep the night before. If you are going to gym like me, in the am, then keep your gym kit prepped. The thought of having to pick out clothes and find running shoes is too much effort to make in the am and often makes me snuggle deeper into the covers.
  6. Don’t eat heavy meals for dinner. This just makes you feel lethargic.

Are you an early riser? What’s your tips for waking up early?. I would love to hear.

Till next time.

Have a fab weekend




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