My 90 Day Challenge

At the beginning of the year, I was feeling a bit on the rounder side and let me tell you at a mere 1.52, round is definitely not a good shape for me.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself though, I decided to be pro-active and do something about this apple like look. I have read that if you do something for 90 days, it becomes a habit, so I chose 4 “bad” food items that were currently part of my diet and started the painstaking journey of riding myself of it

1.Fried chips.    


If you know me well, they you know I have a deep love for potatoes, whether it’s in curries, fried etc. I can eat it every day. With this, I was aware that I couldn’t cut it out completely, but I knew I could at least try to make better choices. So fried chips was out and so was packet chips, however if it was baked or in a curry, it was fine for me to eat.  To be honest, it wasn’t  to hard to adhere to this at home as I baked the chips or sometimes I used the alternative to potatoes and had baked sweet potatoe instead. The taste is different but it’s still yummy. The hard part on this particular item was when I bought take away. Most meals come with chips and its not baked. So I opted with the side salad or a side of veggies instead. Don’t get me wrong, I was super envious of Heer, when he sat there with his yummy fried chips accompanying his burger, however, I’ve gotten so used to it.

Outcome: I stuck out the 90 days on this and didn’t cheat, not once. I do occasionally order chips with my meals now, but 90% of the time, I go with a side salad  



This was hard. Every day at work, my 3pm snack was a packet of sweets. This is so bad for the waist line. What made it even harder, is that I have a beautifully stocked canteen at work, just brimming with every kind of nonsense under the sun. So how did I manage the 90 days without this? Well, willpower was one and the other was protein balls. I always hit a sugar craving at 3pm so instead of reaching for a packet of sweets, I picked up a gluten free, dairy free protein ball, made by yours truly and it hit the spot. Soon I didn’t even have to have an argument in my head of why I could not indulge in my sweets.

Outcome:  No cheating here, I stuck out the 90 days. I think I have had a packet of sweets after the 90 days was over but I honestly don’t feel for it at all anymore

3. Chocolates


I’m not a fan of chocolate, unless its Lindt. If you buy me Lindt, I will love you forever. Haha. When I started this challenge, I made sure there was no Lindt in the house. However, I have to confess that early on in my 90 day challenge, I actually cheated on my no chocolate rule. I was so frustrated with myself because it was completely unintentional.  I only realised 3 hours later that i had actually had a chocolate.I let it go and just did an extra day at the end to make myself feel better

Outcome :. I do still have a piece of chocolate now and again, but mostly organic vegan chocolate made from rice milk. I buy mine from faithful to nature. You can find it here

4. Fizzy Drinks

fizzy drinks

This was the least difficult from the challenge. I hardly ever drink fizzy drinks. My first option is water and my 2nd is juice and if it’s a cold day, I opt for herbal tea.

Outcome: A breeze 🙂 I do, on the very rare occasion get a craving for something fizzy and when I do, I just succumb to it. I don’t believe in depriving myself if I really feel for something.

So, that’s it my beautiful readers. My 90 day challenge. Was it hard? Yes, some more then others, but still yes. But the real question is. Was it worth it? Short Answer: Hell, yeah!

Slightly longer answer – Those 90 days really helped me build my self control, and helped me make healthier food chocices and ultimately made me realise how being good to myself made me a healthier happier person.

I can’t wait to share the rest of my health journey with you, but until then….


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