Let it Go

I’m sitting in my lounge, @ 10pm on a Tuesday night, munching on some fruit salad (yeah, I’m good hey) and sipping on some chamomile tea (in this heat, yep, add crazy to that profile too). Anyway I’m saying all this because to be honest, I had no intention of writing tonight. However I have to say that, it has been a rough week, wait scratch that, it has been a rough year and we are only in Feb! Now, I’m not writing this post to tell how you sorry I feel for myself, actually it’s the opposite. Besides all the other drama happening in my life, I received some other not so happy news today and do you know what, I didn’t get sad and cry, I didn’t fall over, I didn’t crap on the universe for handing me another bad egg. I handled myself. I am writing this and I’m calm (maybe that’s the chamomile), and positive.

And then it dawned on me, I chose to let it go. I chose to look at the problem constructively, make a decision and let the pain and worry of the situation go. And I’m writing all this to tell you, how light and free and alive I feel right now.

Now I’m not saying that it’s easy to do this because it’s not. Problems don’t just go away overnight. However, I am going to share a few tips on how you can handle them better.

  • You need to realise that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, what race you are, where you stay, whether you’re educated or not…the bottomline is that we all have problems and if you really sat down and took a good hard look at whats making you worry so much, you will realise that other people have far worse problems then you. You should be grateful, it’s not worse.


  • When a problem arises, you need to firstly breathe…like a good few times and it needs to be big long deep breaths, because if you are like me, then you will go into panic mode instanteously and completely lose the plot. I have come to appreciate the power of breathing first, thinking later


  • Once you have calmed down abit, step away from the situation. Yes, I know it may be urgent, but you need some space from it, even for ten minutes. In this ten minutes, I would suggest a cup of tea or if you can, go out for a quick walk even if its just around the block. Just to clear your head.


  • Right now that you’re in a much better head space, lets analyse the situation.                                     

         ** Is it something you have control over. Yes? Then I don’t see why you’re worrying, it can    be fixed,organise what needs to be done and then just…let it go.

        **If your answer is no, you do not have control over it. Then let me ask you this, how is worrying going   to solve the problem?…Sometimes, you just have to have faith. So please ….let it go.


Now I know this is easier said then done and trust me I know just how hard it is to let it go. You also need to remember that you attract what you focus on and if you’re going to be a worry wart your entire life, then well you know what’s heading your way, right!

 And I leave you with this




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