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As most of you know, my mornings are usually a mad rush, bouncing out of bed, jumping in and out of the shower, painstakingly deciding what to wear and finally resorting to something that doesn’t need to be ironed because ultimately time is of the essence. However, my evenings are completely the opposite.

I started making some changes in late 2015 and I continue to do so every day. And you know what. I have become more efficient and I actually have more time on my hands. Hence I’m actually able to write a few blogs posts now…Yes, you’re so lucky, aren’t you


 Here’s a few things I have incorporated into my life, that has helped me out


  1. Lists, Lists, Lists: One of the best ways to stay organised is to have a list. I have a to-do list that stays in my bag all the time. At random times, I think of things to do and write it down. Every night I take a few minutes, to review what’s on my list. I decide how important it is, assign a timeline to it and work towards it, till I can tick it off. It’s such an awesome feeling to tick stuff of your to-do list 
  2. Work Wear: My work environment is very casual and I can usually throw things together and still look fairly decent. However, I save a good 20 minutes every day when I prep my weekly work wear on a Sunday evening. Plus by doing this I don’t end up wearing the same outfit every week.
  3. Planners: I have an A6 diary, that’s always in my handbag and a yearly planner that’s stuck on my wall, which keeps me organised and on point. At a glance, I can see my calendar on the wall, which already has all important dates, holidays etc pencilled in.
  4. Meal Prep: I looooove to eat and I was fortunately brought up in a household where eating healthy is the norm, so I love my salads and wraps, but when my meals are not prepped, I end up snacking on absolute junk. In order for me to stay healthy, I plan weekly meals, and do my shopping once a week. I’m currently on a 90 day challenge…want to know more…yes, lovelies, blog post to follow.
  5. Chores: So….if I don’t do chores, like laundry…I sometimes run out off gym clothes. Haha, yes there has actually been times that I have not gone to gym because I had no clothes to wear. So I have scheduled days for certain chores to get done, so everything runs smoothly.
  6. Bills: I have, more then once forgotten to pay a bill. Yes, that is horrible (I’m hanging my head in shame), and I swear it’s never done on purpose. Most of my bills are on debit order which helps a great deal. But there are a few that not. For these, if the amounts are the same every month, I set up a recurring payment on internet banking. Super easy and convenient. I do also keep a checklist and every month-end, I check off all payments. This is so important to do. You don’t want to be blacklisted over some arb silly unpaid bill.
  7. Staying pretty: So you know how at the beginning of the year, you all vowed that you would make sure all of you would be maintained, always. But when life happens, sometimes that nail appointment gets pushed on till it never happens. Hair, Nails and Beauty is an important part of a womans life. I love looking good at all times, it helps keep me happy and confident. However, I do have porridge brain and leave my appointments to the last minute sometimes resulting in my therapist or hair stylist not being available to attend to me. So what I have started doing is when I’m done with my appointment, I book for the next one immediately and I slot it into my diary as well.
  8. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy: So…when last have you been to the dentist…hmmmm? Optometrist? Gynae? You get my drift. Take the time to make a list of all the health check ups you need to get done for the year. Make those appointments people and ask the reception to book you for the next, whether it’s in 6 months or a year. Most of them will also call you closer to the date to remind you as well.


So that’s it my beautiful people, that’s how I stay fairly organised and maintain my sanity. So what do you do to organise your life? I’d love to hear your tips

Until next time


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  1. Great post I was thinking about alot of the things you said. I also sometimes forget to pay bills that are not on debit order or I don’t get my brows done for months cause I forget to book appointment! I’m going to use some of your tips to get more organized.

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