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As most of you may know, I have taken steps to lead a healthier lifestyle. I don’t believe in fad diets. I want to live a healthy life and am trying to incorporate more fruit and veg, and less processed foods in my diet. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the occasional take out, but most of my meals are now freshly prepared at home, so I know exactly what’s going in it

Lets face the facts here, you have only one body, and although there is a 50% probability that you may die of some other cause besides illness, that is not a good enough reason to not take care of yourself.

I’ve always been a curious person. I love experimenting in the kitchen but I also take such a keen interest in how exactly my ingredients are beneficial to me. So in the future, you will find quite a few posts on the health benefits of some of the ingredients that I’m using. One of the most surprising ones for me is Medjool Dates. Read on and discover how this little fruit packs a big punch!

Medjool Dates

What are medjool dates?


They are a type of tree fruit with a pit in the center, which originated in the Middle East and North Africa. They look similar in texture to a prune but don’t be mistaken, they are not dry at all. They are super juicy and dense. There are many different types of dates but medjool dates are said to be the best as they are the juiciest, hence the not so pretty price tag that comes with. A 200g tray retails for R26.99 and a 400g tray retails for R48.99 @ Woolworths.

I’ve never liked the taste of dates, however I did try a smoothie made with dates and it was yummy. So when I saw medjool dates at woolworths, I grabbed a tray to make my own concoction. You can find my green smoothie recipe, which incorporated medjool dates here.

Nutritional Value

Its said that one medjool date has about 66 calories. Now although medjool dates have little to no fat, they are extremely high in sugar, so I definitely would not suggest sitting at leisure with a tray of this, especially if you’re trying to watch your waistline.


These dates are rich in fibre, soluble fibre to be exact which means that they promote and help to maintain healthly blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Dates also contain a particularly beneficial type of soluble fiber known as beta-D-glucan which can also absorb and hold water, giving it the ability to add bulk and softness to stools — a quality predominantly associated with insoluble fiber.


These little fruits have very high potassium levels. Even higher then bananas, spinach and oranges. If you suffer from high blood pressure, then definitely incorporate this into your diet as high blood pressure is usually associated with low potassium levels


Believe it or not, this is not something I knew our bodies even required. But it’s an essential trace element that is required by our bodies to absorb and use iron to form red blood cells. Copper is also used to form collagen which is a fundamental component of skin, bone, cartilage and connective tissue.

Here are a few more reasons why you should include dates in you diet

Health benefits of dates - picture

So the next time, a sugar craving hits, reach for a medjool date, a more healthier alternative to chocolates or jelly babies 🙂

O wait, before I go…I will leave you with another smoothie recipe that I came up with last night. it was a tad sweet so I’m reducing the number of dates used. Enjoy!

Potassium Enriched Smoothie
Serves 1
This smoothie is not only healthy and nutritious, but tastes yummy too. Its really good for people who suffer with high blood pressure
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  1. 1 1/2 cup of Kale
  2. 1 Banana ( Frozen)
  3. 1 Medjool Date
  4. 1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon Powder
  5. 1 cup of Soya Milk / Water
  1. Add all solid ingredients into blender
  2. Then add liquids
  3. Blend....and enjoy
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Until next next time, be healthy


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