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Did you know that October was breast cancer awareness month. If you didn’t, then shame on you. Yes, I do know that we’re in November, but creating awareness on this topic should not only be subjected to a particular month. I will be touching on this subject  a few times this month in various posts. Keep a lookout.

Our breasts, one of our greatest,most talked about and looked at area. However I find that not everyone realises the important of caring for this area. Do you use a breast cream to help maintain the texture and firmness in your breasts?

Well, let me introduce you to one I came across a few months ago. I’d been looking for a breast cream for a while now, and after some careful research, I landed upon the Lovely Jubblies breast cream from lush. Needless to say, I was bouncing off the walls to actually get something from this store.

If you’re never heard of them…then I really don’t know what rock you have been sleeping under, but to be nice, I will give you some background. Lush is a cosmetics retailer founded in the United Kingdom. Their products are for hair and skin and is fresh, natural and cruelty free. Yes, another one to add to my list!

Entering a lush store, is just pure deliciousness. The beautiful smells make you instantly want to purchase something, anything really!

So how did this breast cream fair?

Pretty well actually, Soft to the touch but once massaged in, this product makes your breast area and décolletage area look and feel much firmer. A hint of citrus and rose emanate from this product. I use it on my neck as well. Morning and evening.

Although the fact of the matter remains that, with age and gravity comes sagging boobs. Their not going to stay young and perky forever ladies, however we can slow down the ageing process as much as possible, so why not? So go out, buy your cream, take care of your beautiful body and you can thank me when you’re 50, but still look 30.

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