Phuket Experience (Part One)

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I have to tell you, this post was meant to go out on Monday but alas, there had to be some drama, isn’t there always when it comes to me. My external hard drive called it quits and took all the information stored on it, including my photos from Thailand :-(. All was not completely lost though, I gathered some pictures from Lovanya who was not only my travel buddy to Phuket but is also the lovely blogger for Doing Durban…go check it out, she’s such a funny writer, keeps you coming back for more.


My last trip overseas was to Phuket in 2012. When I write this, it makes me feel sad that I haven’t planned any other trips since then. However, I never like looking back, live in the present and look forward to the future. I know there will be many beautiful holidays in the future.


If you know me well, then you know I love beach holidays. Warm weather and pretty beaches make me happy. I spent about 2 weeks in Phuket with Lovanya and we did as many tours as possible. It was quite an experience and it’s definitely a place I would revisit sometime in the future.

The flight was long and tedious. I think this is the only part of going on an overseas trip that I don’t really like. We flew from Durban – Jhb – Bangkok – Phuket. From Jhb onwards, we flew with Thai Airways and let me tell you, their service is top notch. The flight attendants were pleasant (and just so beautiful), the food was good and leg room was decent. I would definitely use them again.

We stayed at the Sunset Beach hotel in Phuket. Now although, this was a 3 star hotel, I was surprised at the high level of service, the good food and the exceptionally clean rooms. I love adventure holidays and my opinion on accommodation is that as long as my room is clean and the bed is comfortable, then I’m not too fazed how many star it is. The reason I say this is because I plan on sleeping very less on these type of holidays, its more about experiencing the country and their culture, so a fancy room isn’t the highlight for me. With all that being said, when I reach a point in my life where I have so much money, that I don’t know what to do with it, then I’ll splurge on 5 star adventure holidays.

Poolside @ our hotel

Our accommodation came with breakfast, which was amazing. There was always sooo much food to eat and the staff there were so pleasant. The majority of the thai people you meet, do not speak English fluently, but despite this language barrier, they always try their best to assist.

Bar @ the Sunset Beach Hotel
Dining area @ Sunset Beach Hotel

A word of advice on two things. If you’re booking with a travel agent, they will give you a list of tours that you can book upfront. We booked most of our tours up front, but the reason I wouldn’t suggest doing that is because you can get to Thailand, and book via your hotel and it may be cheaper. Also, you can negotiate, if you’re good at things like that J

Secondly, don’t change too much cash in your home country. At the market, there’s many foreign exchange outlets, there’s a list posted on their window of how much you will receive for your currency. They don’t ask any questions, don’t need any paperwork, they just take your money and exchange it for baht (which is the currency used in Thailand). I received more there for my Rand, then when I exchanged it S.A.

Ok, this is the end of part one….keep a lookup for part two, this is more exciting as I will take you through the tours we did.

Till then, Swadeeka ( which is a greeting of hello and goodbye in Thai)


Photo Credit: Lovanya 🙂

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