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In order to make any changes in your life, you need to first decide to do it. Everything in life starts with a decision to try. After that, you just have to make sure you keep moving forward and don’t side-track.

I made a decision to lead a healthier lifestyle. I got the exercise part right. I train at the gym about 2-4 times a week and I bellydance twice a week. However, I still have not been able to lose weight. Those evil love handles laugh at me all the time. I do know the reason though. I eat a lot of unhealthy food and most weekends, you will find me buying takeout. If you want to lose weight, be fit and healthy, then eating clean goes hand in hand with exercising.

My first start to doing this is smoothies. Green smoothies are the healthiest and I love them. I experiment a lot and below you will find a recipe for a green smoothie I concocted from the ingredients I already had in my cupboard and fridge.

Here’s a quick breakdown on some of the ingredients I used:



This leafy vegetable is soooo hard to come across. I finally picked up a fresh bunch @ woolworths for R15.99. Abit pricy, but you can get at least 5 smoothies out of the entire bunch and it’s really healthy for you. You can use spinach instead or you can use a mixture of both. Kale has more calcium the spinach. It also contains powerful antioxidants that protect against cancer. If you have high cholesterol ( like me), then kale is also great for reducing cholesterol . Yay for me 🙂


I love all types of berries, but strawberries are my absolute favourite. Their also the strongest form of vitamin c, yes even more then citrus fruits.


The easiest fruit to reach for. No washing necessary, just peel and eat. Bananas are super high in potassium and if you’re someone that suffers with high blood pressure, this fruit is essential for you, to help lower it. Besides numerous other health benefits, one that really got me was that bananas help to overcome depression. Hmmm…how you ask? Bananas have high levels of Tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin, which is a happy mood brain neurotransmitter.

Baobab Powder

My sister introduced me to this powder. Prior to this, I had actually never heard of this. So of course, I delved deeper and did some research. Baobab is known as Africa’s super fruit because, yes, you guessed it, it originated from Africa, West Africa to be exact. Shame on me, for not knowing this. It has a high vitamin C content (higher then strawberries) and twice as much calcium then milk. And it’s also quite high in fibre.

Soya Milk

I’m not allergic to cows milk, but it is high in saturated fat and cholesterol, so I limit the amount that I have. In my smoothies I do prefer soy milk or almond milk. Soy milk has more protein then almond milk, so I generally opt for that.

Ingredients for my Green Smoothie

2 cups kale

1 cup soya milk

8 large strawberries

1 banana

3 tablespoons of low fat plain yoghurt

1 tablespoon of peanut butter

1 tablespoon of Baobab powder

Dash of Honey (this was more for mum, she wanted it more sweet)




Add solid ingredients first, then liquid and blend to your required consistency.

I use the Russell Hobbs smoothie maker, which blends it to a fine consistency.

Pour into a glass and enjoy 🙂



I made this smoothie a few days later, but I had run out of bananas so I used apples instead. Was awesome and still so yummy.


Happy blending






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