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Before I start todays post, I would like to apologise, for not blogging regularly. My aim was to post 3 times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays), but that plan, kind of went south. So much to talk about and not enough time to actually sit down and put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard more like it). However, I have started making an effort to become more organised. I’m saying this at 11:30 pm while I put together this post for tom…hmmm…hypocrite much. Haha…ok, but on a serious note…I am really trying. From next week, posts will be regular. My intention with Inspire You is to make it a place where people can take a few minutes out of their busy lives and while sipping on a cuppa, catch a quick read, of content that (hopefully) will inspire you to make an effort, to value your worth, go out and seek those goals fiercely , stay fit and healthy, while still taking care of your gorgeous looking self at the same time.

Ok, I think I have deviated enough of the topic already. Let’s get to todays blog post, shall we 🙂



Today, I will chat about 3 items that I have added to my night regime that has made my sleep, better, sweeter and softer.

My mornings are a crazy rush, and my days are long and stressful, so by the time, the night rolls around, all I want to do is curl up in bed for a good nights’ sleep. Unlike my mornings, I am able to spend a little extra time in the evenings, pampering my body and giving it the extra love it deserves.

Dear Deer Satin Pillow Slips

I came across these beautiful pillow slips a while back and had to purchase one for myself. Now what is so great about this particular pillow slip you may ask?  Well the dear deer case is 100% pure satin, which not only helps to maintain the natural moisture in your hair but also helps to minimise facial wrinkles.…yes, turning 30 does make one want to slow down the ageing process as much as possible.

Dear Deer Pillow Slips do not absorb your expensive night creams

Besides all of these wonderful reasons to purchase these slips, another great reason to purchase a dear deer slip is because the profits go towards various charities. I personally love mine. The truth is that although I start of sleeping on my back, I usually end up on my tummy, with my face mushed into my pillow. And with the dear deer slips, I don’t wake up with those nasty lines across my face. Slips retail for R140 each and if you’re in S.A, then delivery is free.

Shop online .

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Freemans Honeydew and chamomile sleeping mask

Words cannot even describe how much I love this mask. I’ve looked for an overnight mask for ages and finally found this in Dischem. Unfortunately they only come in 15ml sachets which retails for R19.99.


However, I get 5 uses from one travel size sachet, which is not too bad at all. The smell of this mask is similar to the watermelon flavoured chappies bubblegum. Everytime I use it, it conjures up warm and funny childhood memories. I do believe that this plays a very big part in why I love it so much! This mask is very hydrating and awesome to use if you have dry skin, however it works well on combination skin, which is what I have. After a few (a lot) late nights, and the toll of day to day stress, a rejuvenating and hydrating mask at the end of the week is just what I need. If you didn’t know, you need to apply your eye cream, serums and night cream as you would usually do and then apply a thin layer of this mask over that. The next morning my face feels so soft and supple. Definitely worth a try.


Healing Earth Sleep Enhancing Body Butter

Often I come home, physically and emotionally drained, but despite this, my mind is always on overdrive in the evening, mentally making lists of the hundred and one things I need to do. The sleep enhancing body butter, which healing earth was kind enough to send me, is one of my new night time favourites.


I apply this after a shower on my whole body. Not only does it hydrates my skin but the  deep lovely smell of lavender calms and soothes my mind and allows me to maintain a sense of balance and peace and thus have a good nights sleep. I’ve also noticed that the next day, after showering, my body still feels soft and luxurious.


You can learn more about Healing Earth products on their website. You can also follow them on twitter.  They are in the process of setting up their e-commerce site…will keep you posted of when it launches. For now, you can find various distributors on their website

I came across a special from Faithful to Nature on Healing Earth Products…..and drumroll please, this stillness body butter is available on online. Click below and take advantage of this awesome special!


healing earth special


So that’s it for today…these are the 3 night products that I’m not only glad I purchased but they have also found themselves under the category of my cant live without items

Have sweet dreams


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