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Unfortunately society is such, that we are initially judged by the way we look before we are liked for who we are. Do you care? I’m personally not someone who actually cares what others think. I like to look good for me. Most days I’m running out of the house (because I’m late) with my hair in a wavy disarray(or in a bun) and just bb cream and a slick of colour on my lips. This is not my ideal situation, because I do actually like taking better care of my appearance, so I have vowed to make a stronger effort on the weekdays.

Our face is like a canvas and its so important to prep our skin before applying makeup. I used to previously use Mac on my face but alas, they are not cruelty free…so of I went researching and researching and finally came across Inglot. Good quality and cruelty free. The 3 products listed below are my very first Inglot purchases which rang up to about R1000


Under Makeup Base

under make up base

This is the first step, when it comes to applying makeup. I never knew the importance of a base, until I used this nifty product. It absorbs the oil from your skin and gives your skin a matte finish. Not only does it provide a smooth canvas for application for your foundation but it also prolongs the life of your foundation.

Under Eye Concealer


The area under my eyes is not terribly dark but concealer is required to even out the colour. My previous concealer always left my skin looking abit dry but the Inglot concealer doesn’t and the reason for this is probably because of the key ingredients being organic silicone and vitamin E ,which helps the skin to be more smoother and moisturised. Now I know, its called an under eye concealer but I also use it on other parts of my face where there is uneven skin tone. Works beautifully.


HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation


This foundation is packaged in an airless bottle that not only keeps the product safe but will let you use it to the last drop. No wastage! This foundation is relatively new on the market and consists of HD pigments. This foundation can not only be used for everyday use, but also gives high definition coverage, that ensures a flawless finish. I absolutely love this foundation, I feel it blends so well and is long lasting. Definitely a keeper in my beauty cupboard.

 When it comes to makeup, I can’t say I’m a pro….there is so much more for me to learn. But I love experimenting with it and look forward to sharing with you guys.

Stay Beautiful





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