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I have a some what stressful job. Early mornings, late nights. Working on the occasional weekend. Sometimes I do feel abit overwhelmed with it all.

Although recently gym has been my method of losing weight and maintaining a good fitness level, bellydance has been for the past 5 years my way of not pleading complete insanity. In other words dance has been my way of helping to stabilise and maintain balance in my life when things seem to be falling apart.

I must admit when first venturing into this, it was merely a form of exercise as well as a social gathering for me. (Enter social butterfly status) However, as the years have passed, I have taken a further interest in my dance and have been pushing myself to work towards bigger and better things. I even took part for my first competition which you will read about sometime in the future.

I joined the Maya Dance studio in Sunningdale, Durban. Levels range from beginner right up to advanced. There’s bellydance for the little ones, choreography classes if you wish to further your growth, and you can even study towards becoming a dance teacher.

Our annual show, hosted around June every year is an opportunity for dancers of all levels to entertain their family and friends with those “hips don’t lie” movements.

I look forward to our annual show and love every minute of it, from the endless hours of practice, late nights of sewing costumes, to the hair, makeup and wardrobe changes. All of this culminated into 2 hours of entertainment and fun for our family and friends on the stages of the Sibiya Izulu theatre. This year was not any different. I took part in 3 group dances this year. Yay me J


original_2015-06-13--21.47.47-0865 - 4120x2729

This is a very joyful and lively dance. The movements are done in a very rhythmical and feminine way. I must admit, I did not like this dance at first. One thing about me that most people have found weird but which I always say is my unique feature, is that I pick up harder moves easily and I battle with the easy moves. So back to why I didn’t like this dance…because to my utter frustration, I could not get the basic rocking foot movement right. It was in the entire dance so while everyone was bobbing down, I was bobbing up….urgh…hair pulling times. But after much practice, I finally got it right and fell in love with the music and the dance. I personally believe it was one of my best dances. The dress we wore, as seen in the picture is called a thobe and one of the main elements of this dance, is the use of your hair. It’s best to have long hair when doing this particular dance, as you’re constantly swinging it side to side, back and forth.

Wings Dance

original_2015-06-13--20.32.57-0385 - 4928x2514

For this dance, the Isis wings are used. The design of this prop is fairly standard. They are large circular veils with many pleats. They have long pockets on the end through which wooden dowels are inserted. The wings are attached to a collar which goes around the dancer’s neck. This was such a beautiful dance and being adorned in gold and black just made it look all the more beautiful on stage. The strong soulful song from Westlife came out in the movement of the wings and it was a dance that hopefully captivated the audience the way it did me

The 10 year medley.

original_2015-06-13--22.08.58-0017 - 4442x2478


The 2015 showcase was the 10th show hosted by the Maya studio and of course we ended of the best dance compiled of different genres of music both in english and egyptian from shakira to mj….and finally ending in a flurry of colours with our beautiful fan veils

If you are from Durban, and if you’re interested in trying out bellydancing, then please feel free to contact

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