Experiencing Durban at Greater Heights (Part 1)

If you haven’t already taken the sky car ride, up the Moses Mabhida stadium arch….then best you get to it. This remark coming from yours truly, who only actually did this particular adventure earlier this year, despite the fact that it’s been around since 2009….yes…I’m hiding my head in shame here! I have no excuses, I live a mere 20 minutes away from the stadium….and I work literally 3 minutes away!

Ok, now that I have blushed my way of that…let’s get down to the actual post. If you’re not from Durban, then you’re probably wandering what exactly I’m on about.

In 2010, when South Africa held the FIFA world cup (for the 1st time), we had to obviously upgrade our stadiums and get with the programme. We were serving the world and we had to pull out all the stops. Durban did not have a stadium big enough, so we built one and let me tell you, ours is the best! (Please, no haters from any other provinces).

In various future posts, I will touch on what activities you can find at the stadium but for today, my focus is on the sky car, which is only one of the ways you can reach the top, hence the part one in the title

The sky car is a single cabin, that is mounted on an under carriage and runs up steel tracks on the northern arch of the stadium. Just a side note here, the sky car has been designed to roll down the arch way with gravity, so in the event of a power failure, which is quite frequent in south Africa aka load shedding, you will safely make your way back down from the 106m lookout.

It’s quite an exciting ride up, although anyone afraid of heights may not quite agree with me. Once on the viewing platform, you have 360 degrees views of Durban’s finest. On the one side, you can take in the scenic view of the beautiful Indian Ocean and on the other side you can take in the city. Think fun in the sun meet concrete jungle. It’s quite a contrast.

Scenic Ocean Views
The Greater Durban Area
The Greater Durban Area

This is the easiest and quicker way of checking out the scenery…the other option is to do the adventure walk which as the name suggests is a 500 step walk to the top. There will be a future post because as some of you clever people may have guessed, I have not yet experienced this other option yet! However, do not fear, I will definitely not be waiting 4 years to get to this adventure

**The (boring) but important information that you need to know:

Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday 09:00 to 17:00
Last SkyCar Trip at 16:30


Adults: R60 per person
Pensioners: R55 per person
Children under 12: R30 per person
Children under 6: Free entry
Scholars on school tour: R30 per person

**This info is correct at the time of posting.

Have a beautiful day.





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