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In a world, where technology is taking over, it’s rare to find people who actually pick up a book and pen to write. I must admit, I still love doing things the old fashioned way and this may or may not have something to do with my penchant for pretty stationary. In my previous post on being positive which you can read here, I briefly touched on journaling. This is something that I had only recently started doing and to be honest, I didn’t realise the significant difference that it would have on my life. So let’s take a moment, and thank Robin Sharma for introducing me to this concept.

Ok, so why do I feel that this little habit done every morning is so important. Let me go a bit in depth into the 4 categories.

Daily Progress

This is where I will write down my little achievements of the day before. I sometimes feel that I’m so focused on my end game, that I don’t count the small steps that I do take every day. Remember, it’s your journey that is important and when you write these down, you realise that you are making progress and these little wins are what will eventually lead you to the big win! Whatever your goal is, maybe you want to become a successful business man/woman or to lose weight, make sure you document the progress that you’re making every day. It may not seem like much, but you will soon realise that as much as its good to know what your ultimate goal is, you need to fall in love with the process that’s required to get there.

Daily Insights

I read personal development all the time and there’s always certain lines that capture me and I highlight it, but most times I forget them. If you’re not looking at it all the time, this will happen. In my journal, I will document a few important lines that I would like to remember for the future. I always go back and read my past days journaling and this helps to further instil it my brain. If you want to progress in life, you have to change your mind set and personal development is imperative to doing so.


O, what a good feeling it is when I read my previous entries for gratitude. I think most people take their health, family etc for granted until of course you lose it. When you actually ask yourself the question of what you’re grateful for today, it really makes you realise that you really have so much in life. When I started journaling, one of the first things I wrote for gratitude was “I’m thankful for the warm bed I sleep in every night”. Now I know most of you may think that this is a silly thing to be grateful for but do you really know how many people go to be bed on a hard concrete floor. I’m sure if you tried it on a chilly winters night, you’d be running as fast as you can back to your warm, soft cosy bed. This part of journaling really humbles you and I have seen change in the way I view everything I have in life

Goals for the day

Ok, here I list 3 goals I have for the day. For me personally, my main goals is to achieve success in my business and financial wellbeing, and to take good care of my health by eating properly and exercising. So my daily goals usually revolve around these. Now there have been times, where the day has moved south and I have been unable to achieve some goals. For example, yesterday I had come down with terrible flu and all I did was medicate and sleep so I was unable to fulfil my goals. These things happen, don’t be hard on yourself. I do promise you though, that’s it’s an exciting feeling when you look back at yesterday’s goal and you can tick them all off. It not only means that you’re moving in the right direction to achieve your goals but it also fuels you to keep going.

I hope I have helped you recognise the importance of journaling.

Until next time, be inspired!



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