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Hello beautiful people

Today let’s talk about hair. I have long hair which I absolutely love. I don’t think I would ever cut it short again because quite frankly, that may break my heart. However, my hair never listens to me and one thing I do battle with is oily roots. So every two days, I have to wash it, to keep it from looking like I just threw a bottle of oil over it.

When I am strapped for time, my quick fix is Batiste dry shampoo. This is a lifesaver and the only dry shampoo that I love and trust.

Such pretty packaging.


First, you should shake the can before applying, then separate your hair into sections and spray where ever it’s required, massage it in and style. No water required! It eliminates my oily roots, gives my hair a boost and they all have such lovely fragrances.

You also get travel size cans, which is awesome to take on holidays, carry in your gym bag or even in your handbag, you never know when an emergency may arise. It is just for the day though, by the evening, my hair definitely needs to be washed.

Batiste is available at Clicks stores.


On my really lazy days, which is most days, you will find my hair in a ponytail or a messy bun. I used to use normal hair ties and then I came across the invisibobble.

This little phone cord looking hair tie is such a brilliant invention. It doesn’t give me headaches like normal hair ties and when removed, it doesn’t leave that bump in your hair. I do suggest that when removing it, you hold the base of your ponytail and pull the invisbobble off (slowly) with your other hand. If you just try to grab it, it pulls on your hair and sometimes may tangle and this hurts.

So imagine this scenario, you have last minute plans to meet some friends after work for drinks or you have a hot date or you have an important business meeting and you don’t have enough time to go home to wash your hair and currently, it’s piled on you head in an oily mess (with an invisibobble, obviously)…bring in dry shampoo…. And voila…you will have fresh, shiny hair with no kinks in less than 10 minutes.

I know you’re thanking me right now for my brilliance and you are most welcome!

Until next time, beautiful!


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