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A while ago Clicks had a special where you could buy any Nip and Fab Bee Sting product and get a body soufflé free. Now I had been looking for an eye cream for a while now so, obviously I opted for this. I have heard such great reviews about Nip and Fab, so I was quite keen on trying them out. And happiness all around, they do not test on animals….cruelty free baby!

Bee Sting Fix Eye

I have to be upfront, the eye cream was a disappointment. Firstly, for such a small little tub, it wasn’t even half full, which, quite honestly speaking, was the least of my problems. The cream was too thick. So thick in fact that I literally had to scrape it out of the tub. I tried warming it in my fingers, hoping it would soften up but that didn’t really help, and while trying to apply, I kept losing bits of cream, as it would not melt enough to glide and absorb into my skin. As pieces would fall, I would inwardly cringe as this little tub had come with a hefty price tag and it was getting wasted. However, one positive thing I do have to say about this product is that when I did eventually manage to apply it, I could instantly feel the area around my eye become firmer and plumper. However, at a whopping R335, for a quarter filled tub, I would definitely give this item a miss, it’s not worth the hassle. I did initially think something was wrong with this product but upon further inspection of other tubs in the store, it seemed they all looked the same inside.

Bee Sting Deluxe Body soufflé

Now what made me feel somewhat better, is that I had received the body soufflé free, so technically I had paid R335 for two Nip and Fab products….aaah my heart feels lighter just writing that. All is not wasted, as I loved this product.

When applied, it made by skin feel plumper and somewhat smoother. I believe this has something to do with the key ingredient of this range being bee venom and bees wax. Another key ingredient is propolis extract, which has an activity against bacteria and viruses and thus a good healing ability for the skin.

Thus, dear readers I can conclude that although I wasn’t 100% happy with the eye cream in this particular range, I haven’t completely given up on Nip and Fab products overall. You will hear more on it in the future.

For now, stay beautiful.


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