Hello from….Port Alfred

Ok…so if you haven’t gathered already, I love to travel. Ever since I was a little girl, I travelled endlessly with my parents. Unfortunately I can’t remember exact details from most of them, but the travel bug bit and I have never been able to shake it off.

I booked this dream trip for Heeran and myself. It was our first vacation for 2015.

We stayed at the Fish River Sun in Port Alfred, which if you didn’t know, is in the Eastern Cape. Now, we opted to drive, but later came to the realisation that this was in fact the biggest mistake we could have made. Don’t get me wrong, I am all in when it comes to roadtrips but our vacation was a short weekend away and Port Alfred is about 9 hours away. Add to that, the toilet breaks, fuel stops and subsequent traffic we had to endure, it actually ended up being an eleven hour journey instead!

But, all bad experiences, must come to an end. Upon arrival, we were greeted with the happiest friendliest host I could ever ask for, Bernie. (from Hungary) She was such an amazing soul. After giving us our goodies, going through our itinerary, she ushered us off to our room to get some rest.

Our room was beautiful and spacious with a king size bed. We hit the showers, but instead of having a snooze, we headed down to the dining hall. I have to pause right now and tell you. I love food and I am the grumpiest person ever if my tummy is not happy. Now back to dinner…Fish River Sun definitely did not disappoint me. Fridays buffet was chicken, however there was vegetarian meals and other meats available. Everything was scrumptious and I was super happy in my belly afterwards.

Look at that yummy food!

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful sunshiny day. Perfect pool/beach weather. There was a bit of a damper on my holiday as I had come down with the flu, but not even that could stop me from having a good time. On the brighter side, the breakfast spread was even better then dinner. Fruit,scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, cereal (if you wanted to be boring) and a whole assortment of pastries. Pancakes and ice-cream….ice-cream for brekkie?!…really!!. O and did I mention it was a champagne breakfast!

After filling my tummy, Heer and I decided to explore the grounds. If you love golf, this is definitely the place to stay. We took a walk down towards the golf course and found shelter under a huge tree.



In the afternoon, we took the shuttle down to the beach. Along the way, the driver would stop and give us a mini history lesson, on the old woman’s river, as well as soldiers way. Once we arrived, there was 2 paths we could take. One was to the river and the other was to the beach.



We opted to go to the beach as we were abit strapped for time. It was a long trek but what we found at the end was amazing. Beautiful and untouched. There was no one at the beach, just us. The beach was very rocky, not the ideal place to swim and I wouldn’t suggest walking near the shore without shoes. I was completely blown away as to how majestic the sand dunes were and of course I had to run to the top to get my photo taken.


By the time we came back, and washed up, I was ready for dinner which was….drumroll please…. A Seafood buffet….My mouth was salivating as we made our way to the wahoo restaurant. Prawns,calamari, crab sticks….O I felt I had died and gone to seafood heaven. After dinner, we took a night drive around the property, we didn’t see much though and I was frozen by the time it came to an end

Dinner is not complete, without dessert


All too quickly, Sunday had arrived and it was time to check out and say goodbye to some awesome friends that we had made.


Although I have never been a fan of relaxing holidays, I was grateful for this one, and at such a ridiculous price of just under R2000 (all inclusive) for both heer and me, it was a complete steal.

Yes, I kid you not, that price wasn’t per person, nor per night. It was the total I spent for accommodation and food the whole weekend!

So fellow travellers, until our next adventure!


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