White Water Rafting

Well, wasn’t this an adventure! This has been on my bucket list for a while now and it was actually my sister that took the initiative to research a reputable company and do our booking so I owe her the credit for organising. (Thanks sis)

It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day on the east coast and Heeran and I had to get an early start.It was a 90 minute drive away so I was up by half 5 and ready to roll by 6:30am. We did go slightly off the map and lost 20 minutes which resulted us in being late….and I was trying so hard to be punctual. However, our lovely instructor Richard was just too sweet and didn’t even bat an eyelid.

Our meeting point was at the Hella Hella Outdoor Centre. Once we arrived, we were given some breakfast. Teas,coffee,and muffins. Afterwards we were strapped in our gear and had a quick meeting on safety precautions that needed to be adhered to whilst out on the river.

There are 4 different stages of rapids with 1 being very gentle. Our journey started off quite easy and halfway we stopped do a zipline.

This may not look high…but it was!

We climbed up a rocky incline and half way through the zipline, we plunged into the cold calm water of the umkomaas river. It was scary but fun.



We had a few stage 4 rapids which was an exhilarating experience. Thankfully we didn’t experience any heart stopping moments where anyone fell off the raft, however I have to state that if you pay attention during the morning meeting on safety and if you follow your guides instructions, you can avoid the near death experiences

You have an option of a full day or half day adventure. We did opt for the half day, more because this was our first experience and we didn’t want to bite off more then we could chew. By 1:30pm, when our rafting trip came to an end, I had sore arms from all the rowing, I was super tanned (like I needed it, really! ), wet and completely and utterly exhausted….but I definitely can conclude that I had the time of my life.



I would definetly recommend Trailblazers as they are not only fun but also professional. White water rafting runs from November – April. Pictures are taken throughout your journey,(so you can just fully enjoy your experience) and later posted on their facebook page.

Find more details on their website.

Till our next adventure



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