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I do not have naturally long eyelashes. Their thick (I’m told) but not long. If you haven’t already figured this out, I am quite green when it comes to hair and beauty but I love to learn and I’m sure one day I’ll be a pro in this department.

I initially tried false eyelashes for my bellydance show last year. You can read all about the 2015 show here. One of the lovely ladies I dance with, offered me a pair of falsies, and as you all would have expected I hadn’t a clue as to what to do, so of course she applies them for me and voila, my eyes just popped. Wow, it made such a difference. I removed them the very same night while removing my makeup And I never tried it again…until…drumroll…my show this year.

However, I went one step further this year, I visited a salon and had them glue on the semi-permanent eyelashes which last approx. 3-4 weeks I’m told. The eyelash technician (for lack of a better name) advised me that this was the only difference between what she was applying and the store bought variety. Salons also only offer only the cluster eyelashes and the individual ones. I opted for the cluster and I took the medium length. They looked phenomenal on me but it took some getting used to. They were just so long and dramatic.

So much care has to be taken with these eyelashes, firstly, no mascara ladies, and quite honestly, you don’t need it, the thickness and the length of the eyelashes doesn’t warrant it. You can use other eye makeup but you need to make sure that your eye makeup remover is not oil based.

Steam rooms and saunas need to be avoided at all costs…this made me abit sad as I was planning a sauna that Sunday following the show…so of course that had to be scrapped L

And one of the very hardest things for me to do was….I was not allowed to sleep on my side or tummy. This was something I really battled with.
As you can guess, I couldn’t continue to take care of them as required. High maintenance and me…clash quite badly. So after a week of having them, and losing a cluster or two, and looking like a mini freak show, I finally decided enough was enough and made an appointment to have them removed.

The tears that consequently flowed was enough to probably fill a small bowl….hmmm…exaggerate much;)…but really it was quite painful. Allegedly the reason for this was because I was getting it removed so early and the glue was still strong…although clearly the glue was not that strong on the clusters that had decided to call it quits during the week! Anyway, 15 minutes later, tear stained and bloated, minus my falsies (and I think a few natural strands as well), I exited the salon, somewhat sad and feeling quite naked without my big beauts.

So the big question is, do I recommend it and will I do it again. The short answer is Yes.

The longer answer is:

-If I’m participating in a one day show/competition, then I will purchase the re-usable eyelash strips to give me that gorgeous dramatic look

– For an everyday more natural look though, I will recommend the semi-permanent lashes, but the individual ones, so in the event, one or two strands had to fall out. It wouldn’t look so odd. Also, I would go for the short length, as this would give a more natural look.

With all that being said, looking and feeling beautiful is also about accepting yourself exactly how you are.

I do also believe like with everything you do, do falsies in moderation… you don’t want to wake up one morning and find all your natural eyelashes have fallen off. On that note though, I’m sure in this day and age something like eyelash implants exist!

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