#BOSSLIFE SERIES: The Ultimate Travel Accessory

I love supporting small businesses in South Africa, not just because I am one too, but more so because I also truly understand the time, effort, dedication and love that goes into taking an idea and a dream and turning it into reality. That takes courage! Thereafter, trying to sustain that business and fighting for market share in this economy takes even more courage, blood, sweat and tears. (and capital)…


Starting a Business + A GIVEAWAY

Choosing to start a side hustle is exhilarating yet scary. I’ve often spoken to some friends, family and work collegues who have said to me, that becoming an entrepreneur is in your blood and therefore not for them. I beg to differ with this point. Becoming an entrepreneur is for absolutely anyone. Anyone who is willing to fight off their fears, work hard and accept that failure and rejection is…


South African Writer Does It Again!

OMG! Did I not just put up a post 2 weeks ago about Melissa Kates 2nd book release and today we are revealing the cover for her 3rd book which will be published early next year! This Bossbabe is on a roll. Well done Mel. Those hours you have been putting in working on your craft is finally paying off 🙂 And without further ado, lets reveal this cover…which in…


Snack Time

Wow, 2 posts in one week. Aren’t you lucky 😀 Well there’s 2 reasons for this. 1st I’ve injured my baby toe and I can’t exercise or gym at the moment. Withdrawal has started to set in. I do miss both terribly. And the 2nd reason is that I’m actually quite organised these days…O yes I am. You’d be surprised how much I can get done in a day. As…


Summer Sweat Series

Hey beautiful people. Monday Morning is here. I’m sure all you good people have those goal lists set up and are ready to take yet another week on with vigour and I hope that it’s an awesome week ahead for you all.  Among other things that I’m sure you also leave to a Monday is the start of your exercise regime. Am I right? Haha. On a serious note though,…


Melissa Kate : Book Blog Tour

Hello Beautiful readers Would you believe it’s almost time for Melissa Kate’s 2nd book release!!! If you missed, the first one, you can check out the post here For now, lets catch up with Mel and find out al about her new book. Enjoy   Tell us a little about your latest or upcoming release. Race car driver, Nathan Wolf, is primed to win his first championship. A thriving career…


Rise & Shine – Tips on how to wake up Early

A few weeks ago, I would definitely have been the last person ever, to be giving tips and advice on how to wake up early. I never considered myself an early riser. And my constant tarndiness to work would bear testament to that. However, I have always wanted to be an early riser. There’s always so much you can get done in the am. And to be honest, I personally…

March 2011Annual Sales Report

My Exercise Plan

Hello Everyone As you all know, I’m on a journey to become a better me. My first post on my journey can be read here. So I made the decision to get fit and as you all know, making a decision is easy, but staying committed to that decision is so much more harder.  I don’t want to live a life where I’m measuring my meals and feeling guilty for eating…

90 Day

My 90 Day Challenge

At the beginning of the year, I was feeling a bit on the rounder side and let me tell you at a mere 1.52, round is definitely not a good shape for me. Instead of feeling sorry for myself though, I decided to be pro-active and do something about this apple like look. I have read that if you do something for 90 days, it becomes a habit, so I…

melissa kate

Waiting for You

Hi Everyone Today it gives me great pleasure to host one of my very special friends on Inspire You. Mel and I have been friends for a pretty long time now and she has been wanting to get her book published for ages. After many heart-breaking rejections, I’m so thrilled to announce that finally her dream is materialising. If you missed any of her previous pit stops on her blog tour, your…